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Helping Horses With Separation Anxiety: 5 Key Steps to Create Mutual Trust and Confidence

Many horses have a level of anxiety of separation. If the anxiety is mild, it may be minor or bothersome. But if your horse is so attached to the herd that its behavior worries you, it could endanger your horse's safety and safety. It is normal for your horse to feel safe when he's with his herd. After all, for prey, security is abundant. So what can you do to reverse the reaction caused by the horse's survival instinct? Build a bond based on mutual trust and respect and build trust as well. Your horse must believe that it is as safe as its flock. This contact begins with your horse from the ground. Working on the ground is much more than pushing a horse around a delicate circumference or a dividing line. That's it and everything you do with your horse when you're not riding - grooming, walking by hand, lung, long lining, and even hanging around his stomach. How to behave, what to ask her and how to ask her to know whether she feels safe or not. Confidenc