Why Dogs Sniff Humans Private Parts?

 Sniffing dogs is the strongest and has proved too pure for this world. If you feel it, you know it's a shame. However, there is a logical explanation, and no, it is not because they are trying to create an atmosphere.

As with other people, including us, we thought about it. Why do dogs hear our side?

How do dogs communicate?

Dog language can be extremely unpredictable for us and definitely takes time and effort to understand. Either way, there is an important starting point you need to know: puppies have an intense sense of smell. So they mostly use this feeling to get to know their surroundings and focus on the data.

Dogs, like most warm-blooded animals, have structures called apocrine organs that are distributed throughout the body, but with greater proximity to the genital and anal areas.

These organs produce a decomposing substance that satisfies the viability of social data transmission. These substances are mostly known as pheromones, and from them a dog can get a lot of information about another puppy: sex, age, predisposition and type of sexual activity, for example, if he is hot.

For this reason, dogs sniff one area of ​​the genitals to get information about another.

The reason for sniffing a dog

The moment a dog sniffs our private organs, we need to get information from us, as is the case with several dogs. The problem, however, is that we are amazed that dogs communicate with people in canine language, and it is unreasonable to expect that any other way of communicating will be more accurate.

In addition, a person has organs that produce sweat, which are not distributed throughout the body, but are located in the armpits and groin. Later, the dog that needs to get information from us is usually near our veins to notice our neighboring parts.

This behavior is very normal when the dog does not know the person, but it is also deeply routine when she knows exactly someone, because by smelling our groin, she tries to understand how we are! For an acquaintance, such behavior can be translated as a warm welcome.

The observational behavior of the intimate area of ​​people is most significantly integrated in concomitant cases:

People who have recently had sexual intercourse

menstrual period in women.

Women who have recently become pregnant while breastfeeding

Novice women (add this behavior here as an exception)

Dogs can tell a lot about people based on their main nose.

What to do if a dog smells in the groin?

Although such behavior may be uncomfortable, what actually makes the most sense and reason to us is literally nothing. Mediation is designed to prevent your dog from using his natural language, and this countermeasure would be cruel.

In general, you should never try to completely abandon this typical behavior by allowing your dog to thrive and allow your relationship to adapt to the circumstances and by allowing your pet to feel more connected and confident in front of people.

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