When Leilani Wong, her husband, and their dog were driving through Stockton, California, they pulled off at a petrol station to get some refreshments.

While Wong waited for her husband to fill the tank, she saw a joyful tiny dog exploring her vehicle and sniffing all around it.


Wong told The Dodo, “I noticed her roaming around the gas station, and then she stopped in front of our car and was simply starring at me.” Wong’s observation was based on the fact that she had stopped in front of our vehicle. And at the same time, I’m pounding my fist on the glass and screaming at my husband, “Are you seeing this?” After that, she started following my husband around when he was driving around.

The temperature had reached 105 degrees, and the dog was breathing heavily. Wong began asking others in the neighborhood whether the puppy belonged to anybody, but it turned out that the gas station was a popular spot for people to leave their pets and dump them there.


When Wong tried to get the dog to stop following her, it continued to do so even after Wong provided it food and water. Because of the dog’s overwhelming gratitude for even the smallest act of kindness, it was clear that she had suffered extreme cruelty at the hands of her previous owner or that she had been abandoned.

Wong and her husband made the decision to bring Kaia along on their vacation in order to increase their chances of finding a rescue organization that would take in the puppy.

According to Wong, she spent the first night sleeping in the van with her husband, and at that time she was clearly terrified, frightened, and bashful. She would only do one thing, and that was eat.

By the time her adoptive parents had returned to Washington from California, Kaia’s relationship with them had developed into a profound one. Wong said, “She’s like a small magnet,” referring to the person.

In order to make her ready for adoption, Wong brought her to the doctor for a comprehensive checkup and started the immunization process for her right away. However, since Kaia got along with Wong’s other canines so well, they were unable to stomach the thought of parting ways with her.

Even today, after many months have passed, Kaia still does not understand how to play with toys or what to do when she is given a bone or a treat. She is, however, getting more responsive on a daily basis and showing her mommy what a loving and energetic dog she is capable of becoming.