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How to Feed and Breed Horses

 Horses are herbivores and primarily exhibit intestinal fermentation. Therefore, it is very important to implement proper nutritional management for horses to avoid over- and undernutrition. The most important aspects of nutrition are highlighted. 1. Do not give non-nitrogen proteins such as urea to horses of all classes, as these cannot be digested as ruminants. Horses must have a dry matter content of at least 1.5% of body weight. 3. Body weight (kg) = heart size (cm) * 2.7 for light varieties Body weight (kg) = heart size (cm) * 3.1 for medium varieties Body weight (kg) = kernel size (cm) * 3.5 for heavy species 4. The most common concentrates for horses are oats, barley, chickpeas and wheat bran. 5. For green fodder, the best fodder is alfalfa (green or grass). 6. For better absorption and absorption of nutrients, the total daily dose can be divided into 4-6 separate meals. 7. Feeding regularity, avoidance of complete feeds before and after training and gradual change of dose compo

Know All About What and How To Feed Cats

 Food is the most natural element that every organism on this earth has taken into its life. It comes to them by itself. So when we talk about pets like cats, whatever they think is edible goes into their mouths. However, eating anything does not provide cats with the nutrients they need to grow and develop. Then the main question arises: what and how to give cats so that they grow and remain healthy? Here is all the information. What do cats give Since cats are carnivores, they must get their diet from animal proteins. Therefore, the feed must be meat-based in order to maintain the best possible health of the animals. Well, you definitely don't want your beloved pet to go out and hunt alone, do you? That's why we have high quality commercial and balanced cat foods, no matter the age or health of the cat. In addition, you can diversify the diet by adding raw or cooked meat, as well as wet or dry food. Be careful not to give only dry food, as this is bad for your health. Althoug

Why Dogs Sniff Humans Private Parts?

 Sniffing dogs is the strongest and has proved too pure for this world. If you feel it, you know it's a shame. However, there is a logical explanation, and no, it is not because they are trying to create an atmosphere. As with other people, including us, we thought about it. Why do dogs hear our side? How do dogs communicate? Dog language can be extremely unpredictable for us and definitely takes time and effort to understand. Either way, there is an important starting point you need to know: puppies have an intense sense of smell. So they mostly use this feeling to get to know their surroundings and focus on the data. Dogs, like most warm-blooded animals, have structures called apocrine organs that are distributed throughout the body, but with greater proximity to the genital and anal areas. These organs produce a decomposing substance that satisfies the viability of social data transmission. These substances are mostly known as pheromones, and from them a dog can get a lot of inf