Feeding Tips For a Betta Fish

There is a lot to do with keeping your Betta fish happy with what you give it. Betta fish can be badrs with flavor, but they eagerly eat the foods they love, including things they should not eat. In order to keep your fish watching and feeling better, you need to be very careful about what and how you provide them.

Do not enter your Betta

Siamese fighting fish can be very expressive. So show that you might have to feed them more than they should, because of how they attack the food they love, the poor must blame! It's not true. Your fish will do well with a moderate amount of high quality food once a day, they love to show it. You need to bring enough food to eat within 2 minutes because too much fat will cause a dirty tank there and that is the ideal breeding ground for a bacteria instead of a healthy Bettas. A small round belly is okay, because you don't want the fish to be too thin, but an accurate round shape is a sign that you're feeding your pet too much. Remember that they can eat to death if you are not careful.

Bettas loves interesting food

The Betta fish is naturally curious, and they need a stimulating environment with lots of things to study to be happy and active. Food is no exception, and your fish will appreciate it if you change the menu from time to time, to keep things interesting. Siamese fighting fish love live food, worms and brine shrimp which you can buy at your local fish store or, in some cases, even. However, be careful that they will eat everything completely and that they may have problems due to over-death.

But they hate simple things

Don't forget to buy simple tropical fish flakes or granules and I hope your Betta eats them. If your fish is not hungry, they will give you the wrong eye and ignore your boring food supply. Even if you bring the fish to eat this kind of food, the protein needed to do the right coloring will not be made and your fish will look light and slow. Do not do this with your loving pets and do not treat them with pellets of fish that are specifically fighting in Siamese, with frozen and dried live food. They will respect it, and they will be better and more satisfied with a good diet.

The Betta fish is one of the most popular fishermen of beginners because of its bright colors and its active personality, which is perfect for an aquarium for beginners. You can keep them alone, or in a large aquarium, they can live with other community tank species as long as they can keep their territory.

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