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Kate Winslet returns to set after being hospitalised in new movie

She was taken as a precaution after a fall.

20 SEP 2022kate winslet


Kate Winslet will return to production of her new movie Lee this week, after she had an accident on set.

The Mare of Easttown star suffered from a fall on Sunday (September 18) while shooting the historical drama in Croatia, and was taken to a nearby hospital to be examined.

At the time, her representative told Deadline: “Kate slipped and was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure required by the production. She is fine and will be filming, as planned, this week.”

Now, the Oscar winner is reportedly doing well and is able to return to work, as she did not sustain any serious injuries.

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In Lee, Winslet plays the titular role of Lee Miller, who was a model for American Vogue, before she became British Vogue’s World War II photographer and correspondent.

The film takes inspiration from Miller’s son’s biography about her extraordinary life, The Lives of Lee Miller.

However, Winslet has been clear that the feature is not a biopic, but a deep dive into a specific decade of her life.

Back in 2021, Winslet told Deadline: “This is absolutely not a biopic. To make a story about Lee’s whole life, that’s a series’ worth for HBO.

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“What we wanted to do was find the most interesting decade in her life, the one that defined who she was and what she became because of what she went through.

“It was the period from 1938-1948 that took her right through the war and her most defining time.”

Winslet added that Miller also provided a very specific perspective from the frontlines of Nazi Germany, as a female photographer reporting for a women’s magazine.

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“I’m surprised that a film has never been made about this incredible woman,” Kate continued. “She has been misunderstood and so often viewed through the lens of a man.

“What she did, as a female photographer on the frontlines during World War II, [was educate] people on what actually happened during the war.

“Lee was the woman who was documenting war for women, through women’s eyes, for a women’s magazine.”

Alongside Winslet, the movie also stars Marion Cotillard, Andrea Riseborough, The Crown’s Josh O’Connor and her The Holiday co-star Jude Law.